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Andrea McDaniel, LMFT

Mental Health Professional

1472 W. Shaw Ave.
Fresno, CA 93711 

Phone: 559-240-2202

Ten years ago I decided to pursue the field of study I loved, counseling, rather than return to my previous career as a teacher. My reeducation and training involved counseling individuals, couples and families, many of whom were experiencing the painful loss of divorce. I earned my license to practice marriage and family therapy at the end of 2009. In part, the catalyst for my decade-long career change was the end of my own marriage. As a result of that particular loss and consequent gain, I am committed to assisting others in the process of growth and healing, and I bring a personally empathic ear to the collaborative table.

What interests me in the collaborative approach to divorce is that, in agreeing to collaborate, both parties agree to work together to maintain what is best for themselves and their children—the court does not decide; the family does. Even the children have a voice. When I participate in the process, I assist family members in identifying and verbalizing their needs and values, validating those of other family members, and in working through feelings that potentially block attainment of collaboratively set goals.

Andrea McDaniel