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    Family-Focused Divorce Services

Central Valley Collaborative Law Affiliates is a Fresno based association of divorce attorneys and allied professionals promoting the practice of collaborative law, specifically for family-focused Collaborative Divorce proceedings.

Many people searching for a divorce attorney in Fresno may not be aware of a collaborative divorce or the many benefits of this innovative approach to family law. Our association was founded to both educate the public about collaborative law, as well as help people locate reputable professionals in the greater Fresno area.

Collaborative divorce is an amicable approach that focuses on the needs of the family. By removing litigation from the divorce proceedings our member attorneys help clients craft a mutually agreeable settlement. Additionally, our allied professional members in the mental health and financial planning specialties can assist with getting clients lives back on track during and after the divorce. The process is more comprehensive, eliminates litigation costs, and helps each party exit the relationship with dignity and respect.



Members are all qualified collaborative law specialists. Feel free to browse the list and background information to find one who you feel can best help you through this process.

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Mental Health Professionals

A divorce is stressful event and many people and families find that professional counseling can help. This directory can assist you in selecting a professional with expertise in the collaborative process.

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Finance Experts

Realistic financial planning for after the divorce is critical to starting over again on the right track. Select one of these highly qualified members to plan for your immediate and long term finances

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